In the Community

When I’m not working as a financial advisor, I’m out in the community teaching financial literacy and tricking people into believing in themselves. The concept of living through giving is very dear to me. Whether you’re giving time, items/monetary donations, or just sharing love-- it can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Corporate Black Gurl is more than just a blog. My hope is that by sharing a little bit of my community involvement, others become inspired to join in and spread light as well.



#HashtagLunchbag is a community service organization that began on Christmas 2012 in a Los Angeles apartment. A group of friends who were having trouble finding a way to give back finally figured it out after a few failed attempts. The group of friends decided to head to the grocery store and buy enough food to make 100 lunches. After that day, #HashtagLunchbag became an organization and several hearts across the states have been touched.

 Currently, #HashtagLunchbag is more than just a program that feeds the hungry in local communities. With handwritten love notes as the secret ingredient, bagged lunches are used a vessels to spread love, acknowledging the humanity of the giver and receiver.

 To find out more about #HashtagLunchbag or how to be involved, visit


Nicholas House Atlanta

Nicholas House is a nonprofit agency that operates an emergency shelter as well as scattered apartment sites for homeless families of various compositions, assisting families in transitioning from homelessness to self sufficiency. During their stay, families are provided with meals, help finding employment/housing, and assistance with creating a financial plan. I have joined a team that assists each family with building a budget and financial plan specific to their needs. Creating and sticking to a budget and plan is imperative to overall financial wellbeing and it brings me so much joy to speak to these families, providing inspiration and knowledge to help them regain their lives.

To learn more about Nicholas House, visit