My Day at the Matchless Retreat 2018

Matchless Retreat 2018

Matchless Retreat 2018


I had the privilege of attending Day 2 of the Matchless Retreat hosted by Lyndosha E., Esq. The retreat weekend brought together over 50 professional women and influencers for educational sessions and workshops, a girl’s night out, an opportunity to hear Lyndosha speak on the financial panel at the Bronner Brother’s beauty show and more! The event is designed to help attendees rest, relax, and reconnect with themselves while experiencing transformative workshops and hearing from speakers that will breathe life back into them.

Lyndosha is not just a health care attorney from South Carolina, she’s also an entrepreneur and public speaker. When she’s not using her practice to help physicians live out their best business life, she’s giving women personal development tips on how to live out their best lives. During our one on one interview, I asked her when she decided to begin using her platform to empower and inspire women. She answered saying that she’s been doing it naturally for a long time. She’s always been a “girl’s girl.” Growing up around such influential women like her mother and grandmother, attending Spelman College, and having such great experiences and friendships with women all her life, it essentially chose her. It has always been a passion of hers and the Matchless Program and Retreat are ways to share her tips and empower women across the world to move from misery to mastery.

Saturday’s Matchless agenda began with breakfast and Workshop 2: Look at Them Now. Ok, moment of honesty, I was late and didn’t catch Workshop 2, BUT I walked in during Workshop 3: Think Through it, and was instantly captivated. I didn’t even finish my parfait, and y’all know how much I love food. I was there to take notes and cover the events, but I couldn’t help but to participate in the exercises. In just one day of visiting the retreat I took home so much! I must share some of my day 2 highlights and more from my one on one interview with the beautifully talented Lyndosha. I think this will leave you thinking like it left me.

My takeaways from the retreat:

Moving from Critical to Curious

  • Getting past negativity and unconstructiveness.

  • Changing the theme of your conversations from “complaining” to figuring out how to view each situation in a way that will change you for the better.

  • Seeking clarity and figuring things out rather than automatically resulting to negativity: *unlearning what you have been taught and opening yourself up to better ways of thinking*

  • Changing your mind set and being comfortable with evolving into the unique and matchless women you’re meant to be.

Think it Through

  • Moving forward, realizing that it is not about anyone else on your journey. It’s about YOU

  • Writing things down and creating a diagram:




(+) Things that have, are, or will occur that make you smile or happy.

(neutral) Your “to do” list, things you need to get done or accomplish.

(-) Things that cause stress in your life. Issues, etc.

  • Once you have written things down respectively, pay attention to your negatives. The things that you can control, create a game plan and “fix” the issue no matter how tough.

The object of thinking it through is to have more positives (or neutrals) than negatives. Working to get to a more positive place and understanding what you must do for yourself to get there. No one else can do it but you.

We also touched on understanding our relationships with others and the concept of capacity (I will be blogging about this), your strengths vs. your gifts and exploring how to navigate in a way that both work hand in hand… and more!

Before lunch I was able to sit down for a one on one with Lyndosha. This was my very first interview and thank God it was with her! She was all smiles. Her inner light was so contagious. It felt more like a conversation with a girlfriend than an interview. It all made sense once she told me she was from the Carolinas. Carolina girls rock!


My One on One with Lyndosha:

One on one w/ Lyndosha ,Matchless Retreat 2018

One on one w/ Lyndosha ,Matchless Retreat 2018

“What was your biggest personal achievement? (And it can be more than one.)”

Continuing a consistent and healthy relationship with my mother and grandmother throughout their lives. My grandmother passed and the day she passed, of course I shed tears, but I was more happy. I felt very successful-- so I would say my personal relationships there. I’m also very grateful for the success in my marriage with my husband. We were college sweethearts and we have always enjoyed each other a lot. It’s easier—the drama and a lot of things that we face in relationships wasn’t something that we’ve had to deal with a lot. We’ve just always found a way to enjoy each other, and I’m very proud of that because it’s hard. It’s hard to be connected to someone for that long and still say you enjoy them, but that’s such a part of our story. I couldn’t ignore it. Even though I have had a lot of success as a lawyer, starting my own businesses at this point, achieving a lot when I was in high school (I have always been an achiever), the things that feel the greatest are my relationships and being able to sustain them.

 “As a part of your program you speak about the importance of taking time for yourself. What is your favorite “self-care duty”?”

One thing that I do is, I read a lot. I especially enjoy reading books from the early 1900’s and autobiographies and biographies interest me the most. Reading a book is like having a conversation with an amazing person. One thing that I’ve learned from reading is that there’s nothing new under the sun, and there are many lessons to be learned from other’s experiences.

We went on to speak about how sometimes you can learn lessons from others' experiences rather than going through it yourself. No point in going through it when you can learn from observation.

“There are so many great things to take way from the Matchless Program and Matchless Retreat, but if there’s one thing you’d like for these ladies to take away, what would it be?”

I want them to remember the program name—Matchless! I want them to know their highest value and worth. I want them to be confident in who they are. I am very confident in myself. I paid the price, I was the one who studied and passed the bar, and I had to navigate on my journey for myself. I just want women to be comfortable in their journey and trust it.

You’re talking about chills and eye opening statements. Whew, honey! Lyndosha delivered.

 So, after the interview and Workshop 5: Gifts and Goodies, we had a Lunch and Talk with the beautiful Jessica Lundy. Jessica is a certified life coach and motivational speaker, TV host and media trainer, AND creator of the “Wake up and Win” affirmation CD. She spoke to us specifically about manifestation AND preached a small sermon. Yes, it went there, but that’s how much power was in the room. The feeling that came over each of us was undeniable.

Lunch & Talk w/ Jessica Lundy, Matchless Retreat 2018

Lunch & Talk w/ Jessica Lundy, Matchless Retreat 2018

The five main tips to manifestation include:  

  1. Clarity

  2.  Affirmation

  3. Vision

  4. Accountability

  5. Network

It was such a great lunch. Not just because the food was good either. Jessica gave us a glimpse of her life and how she was able to manifest great things by trusting God and speaking life and success into herself. It was simply empowering. Needless to say, I will be reaching out to her soon!

Jessica (@JessicaLundyTV), Me, and Lyndosha (@Lyndosha_e), Matchless Retreat 2018

Jessica (@JessicaLundyTV), Me, and Lyndosha (@Lyndosha_e), Matchless Retreat 2018

Saturday was such an empowering day. I learned and was forced to think about aspects of myself that I never considered stopping to think about. Every individual in the room seemed so genuine and open, which allowed the vulnerable moments needed to make a break through. We laughed together, held back tears together, and were able to make connections. I met the creator of Glambitious Magazine, Lillie Mae. She’s also an author and speaker.  I mean, every individual in there was a boss, honey!

Glambitious Magazine

Glambitious Magazine

I am so thankful that Lyndosha and Communications & Marketing Strategist, Arica Ratcliff (@itsprettyrica) extended the invitation. Next year, I won’t be doing media coverage. I mean, I might… just to tell y’all about the entire experience, but I’ll definitely be there as an attendee!  I got ALL of this life in just one day of the Retreat, could you imagine an entire weekend? ALLLLL the life, honey!  But first, I need to get with this Matchless Program, and go from misery to mastery!




For more information on the Matchless Program, next year’s Matchless Retreat, Lyndosha’s lifestyle blog and more, visit You can also follow her on IG: @Lyndosha_e.