Keep Your Safe Space Safe


Peace of mind is priceless—there’s literally nothing like it. As significant as it is, we don’t always take initiative to protect our amity. It’s probably because we don’t really consider how strongly our environment impacts our serenity. I had to learn the “hard way” how important it is to protect my space to sustain peace of mind, and have a few tips to help you protect yours.


1.) Don’t be so quick to allow others in your space—especially your home. Once you allow an individual in your space, they have access to you. Conversations take place, venting occurs, ideas are shared, and vulnerabilities are displayed. Everyone doesn’t deserve your soul (sounds deep, but it’s real), so it’s important that folks go through the vetting process. Truth is, it takes time to truly grasp one’s intentions or purpose, but after a while things will be revealed. At that point, you’ll be able to determine how much of yourself you want to share. This isn’t relevant to only romantic relationships, it’s relevant to friendships and business partnerships as well. Whether you believe it or not, energy is real—and transferable. I’ve learned to be conscious of who I allow in my personal space and my home. I’m too cheerful to risk having my space reek of bad or delusive energy.

Make folks earn their stay—literally and figuratively

2.) Stay away from the “it’s always something” types of people. Yes, I’m talking about the folks who ALWAYS have something going on, forever in drama, just plain miserable (or all the above), but never actually try to change their situation. First of all, those types of people don’t move me. If you’re always the common dominator, it’s probably time to stop blaming the world. I’m not well versed in astrology or anything (though I love it), but I doubt the retrograde lasts half a year. Frankly, those types of people thrive off sulking in the negative and look to you for affirmation, enabling, and light. Misery loves company, but miserable people look to convert others to misery rather than interact with other miserable people (and I’ll never understand it). I know, we often feel obligated to be there for those we love—but being a good friend or loved one should never leave you feeling drained. Situation after situation, you’re constantly listening and giving advice, they’re constantly leaving “feeling better” and after the umpteenth time you start to wonder why you’re often tired and under motivated. Again—energy. You can’t continue to give your energy, time, or money without reciprocation (that’s called being drained). You must get to a point where you choose to love those negative Nancy’s from a far. It’ll feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders once you do.

3.) Don’t hold onto toxicity—That shit is damaging. Toxic relationships and situations will hurt your confidence, manipulate your frame of reference and outlook on life and in most cases, they’ll block your blessings. The minute you feel that something isn’t right, believe yourself. I don’t care what folks say, being a “ride or die” or “staying true” should never involve you feeling hurt, let down, and/or underappreciated. Anyone who advocates it doesn’t deserve your time. More importantly, I know you’ve heard the saying “God don’t bless no mess.” Well, he doesn’t. And that doesn’t only pertain to relationships. You can block what’s meant for you based on your current situation and/or environment. Opportunities and growth are often halted due to toxic situations because you’re simply not in a place to receive. Elevation often requires isolation. Once you change your circumstances, focus, and vibration you’ll be surprised how things will change for you—seriously!

At the end of the day, your life is supposed to be positive and full of light. Your mental health and opportunity for growth depends on it. In order to do so, you gotta make sure you’re actively keeping your safe space safe.

What tips have you learned/live by to keep your safe space safe? Share them in the comments below!