True Life: I'm Full of Sh-t. (Literally)

Have you ever experienced colon hydrotherapy? If you haven’t, you should. At least once.

Before I begin I must warn you: I’m going to be detailed. If you’re prissy, this may not be the post for you. Come back next week.

This week during work, my friend told me that she was scheduling a colon hydrotherapy appointment. Of course, I responded “schedule me one too!” So, she did. A few other friends joined as well. Let me tell you, I'd been excited since I received the “your appointment has been confirmed” text. When you get a certain age, the highlight of your week is a girl’s trip… to clean your colon. I was well prepared and ready to lose 5-7 lbs (because that's what I've been told colon cleansing does). I made sure I drank at least a ½ gallon of water the day before, and refrained from solid foods 2 hours before my appointment. It makes the process at lot better for your abdomen and stomach while cleansing. I highly recommend sticking to this if you plan to schedule hydrotherapy.

We all had a 2pm appointment with Dr. Imani at the Nile Wellness Center, so naturally we all got there around the same time. I of course walked in like I’d been there several times before and knew exactly what I was doing (as I always do), BUT it didn’t take anyone long to realize that I clearly didn’t. (That’s OK, there’s always next time). Dalia and I had to fill out a short form, providing general information (as you would at any office), and confirming that we had no health concerns. As we were filling out our form, my friend Cecily (who had been several times) asked the doctor if he had the availability for an incognito 110-minute session. I instantly blurted “110 MINUTES!” In my head of course. Then I calmly asked the doctor if there was any particular reason anyone would want or need to use the bathroom on his or herself for an entire hour and 50 minutes. He answered, telling me that it typically depends on the person, and length of time in between therapies. Apparently, as you continue to do the colon hydrotherapy you begin to learn your body, and Cecily knows her body. He then asked how warm we’d like our rooms. Everyone else said medium, but if there are no blankets I need mine warm, honey. We each had our own room. I was kind of sad at first because I wanted to be able to chat with my girls during our session, but after understanding exactly how the whole thing worked I instantly agreed that calling and texting each other was best. No need to be in the same room.

The doctor led me to my room and explained exactly how everything would work. The table (that looked slightly like a machine) was pretty cool. It looked very “medicinal”. Most importantly, he confirmed that everything was disposable and nothing reused. He then left the room so that I could undress from the bottom down and (strategically) lay on the table. I undressed and laid on the table with my butt towards the draining area. (Laying much like you would as if you were preparing to receive oral, or deliver a child. Sorry mom. That’s literally the most accurate comparison) After getting situated, I rang the “call bell”. The “call bell” is something much like a door bell and is very easy to reach. You ring the bell if you need assistance, or if there happens to be an emergency during your session. Why did I ring the “call bell”? You guessed it, I needed help putting the water tub where the sun doesn’t (usually) shine. Don’t worry, the tub is only about as thick as a charger cord. It’s not as uncomfortable as it sounds. Believe you me, I don’t fiddle down there and I was fine. The doctor got the tube in then pulled my cart beside me. The cart had my phone, wipes, and air freshener on it. I sprayed the air freshener every so often just because it was there and I was on my phone majority of the time. I even face timed. Don’t judge me.

Now for the good part.

With the tube in I was ready to start. The doctor explained what would happen, giving me tips to stop pressure, etc. if needed. He then turned on the water. I instantly felt something cool. The water was making its way through my body. The water would fill me up, I would release, and it would fill me up again. That occurred the entire 40 minutes of my session. I had no breaks. I could literally feel my body filling up and releasing. It didn’t hurt, but I could feel slight pressure. The only weird part was the fact that I could feel myself “going”. It felt as if “it” was going up my back, but Cecily assured me (via phone) that it wasn’t. She recommended me taking my top off just in case, so I did. I made a Snap Chat/Instagram video during my experience and described it as the most weirdly amazing feeling ever. That’s exactly how I felt. I was so surprised at how much I was going because I’m very regular. I had gone into it thinking that I’d lose about 5-7 lbs. and be on my merry way, but that wasn’t the case at all. I just kept going and going (both number 1 and number 2). After 40 minutes was up the doctor came in (as I was going), I told him I was done for the day, and he instructed me how to release the tube, clean up, and get off the table. The only thing I’d advise at this particular point is to make sure you turn the water off at the right time. Otherwise, you’ll be rushing to the bathroom half dressed. I didn’t because I listened. Dalia on the other hand obviously didn't. I could hear her nearly fumbling into the restroom while I was waiting for everyone to be done. I was the only one who stopped after 40 minutes, everyone else asked for additional time.

After my session, I instantly felt light and essentially empty. It was great. Once I made it into the post therapy waiting room, I had to stand for 2-3 minutes to make sure I didn’t have to use the restroom before leaving. Afterwards, I was OK to sit down and wait. As I was waiting for my girls I conversed with Dr. Imani. I asked him if it was normal to go the entire time. He told me that I could have laid there for 5 hours and experienced bowel movements the entire time. The colon is about 6 ft. long, and because the human body consumes so much, it takes a lot longer to clean than one would think. The colon cleansing happens at levels. It isn’t going to move on to cleansing the next “portion” of itself until the current portion is entirely clean (essentially). That’s why during the cleansing, you may notice that the time between "movements" is a little bit longer as time goes on. So basically, I laid on a table going for an entire 40 minutes, and still wasn’t completely cleansed. By that time, Dalia had come in like she had just finished a half marathon and happy to make it to the finish line. She’s a petite little thing, so I can see how that may have taken a lot out of her. Baby girl was worn out. I couldn’t do anything but laugh. In conversation, I made it a point to brag about how I’ve cut out “meat” and am now a pescetarian (4 months in), only eating seafood here and there. He quickly shut me down. He told me that dairy products are nothing more than liquid meat, and if I’m going to eat fish I might as well eat chicken. Welp, onto calling my vegan, chef friend. I need recipes pronto.

I went into this colon hydrotherapy thing expecting something different, but had an amazing experience. I feel lighter and better. This morning when I looked in the mirror my stomach was noticeably flatter. The best part about it all is that I didn’t have to take a pill or drink a substance to do it. It was all natural. There’s so many benefits to cleansing your colon. It’s amazing how much we hold in our bodies, regardless of how regular we think we are. Can you imagine holding about 6 ft worth of who knows what in your body? That can't be healthy. I’d personally recommend doing colon hydrotherapy at least quarterly if not more frequently. I think I'm going to try and stick with bi monthly visits. Dr. Michael Imani, ND, PhD is incredibly knowledgeable and focuses on naturally medicating the body (not just colon cleansing). He made my feel comfortable, and intelligently answered all of my questions. Not to mention, Nile Wellness Center has won several awards and is highly rated. If you’re in the Atlanta area, go ahead and schedule your first (or next) visit with Dr. Imani and see for yourself. Very reasonable pricing. Tell him Brittani Hubbard sent you, maybe I’ll get a discount at my next visit.

Happy colon cleansing, dolls! Hope this helps!

Have you had a colon hydrotherapy experience? Thinking about it? I want to know your thoughts. Be sure to comment below!

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