"Don't be ashamed of your story, itwill inspire others."

Meet The CBG

My name is Brittani, I work in finance, I'm an advocate for self-love & financial literacy, and I absolutely love to talk. When I can't talk, I write. I created this blog to address topics from personal & professional growth to finance. My vision is to provide an encouraging atmosphere where women of all backgrounds, through shared experiences, empower each other to heal, laugh & grow. I'm so blessed to have some amazing & influential women in my life and I feel compelled to share. I'm still growing (and learning) myself, but the beauty of it all is that we can flourish together.

In a world full of double standards and constant pressures of being the "ideal woman", we must evoke our power, and use our individual strengths to uplift one another. As women, many of us pay so much attention to what’s portrayed as supreme that we forget to acknowledge what we ourselves have to offer.

Regardless of your background, ethnicity, past experiences, current obstacles, and/or beliefs you are worthy.

Don't allow anyone or anything make you feel any different.

Over time I've realized several things, but most importantly, I've realized that we are rarely alone in our experiences. You never know who you may touch just by sharing a little piece of yourself.

Me? I'm just a regular, schmegular, funny, black girl from a small town who speaks properly, works in corporate america, talks junk, and slays from time to time. I hope that through my transparency, life lessons, (unpopular opinions), and finance tips that I can inspire you as much as you inspire me.